Blog: My Food Allergy Journey

Are you looking for the answer to “how do I protect myself or my child when food is the enemy and the enemy may be hiding anywhere?” In this blog, you will find my methods of protection against anaphylaxis in all food-involved situations outside my home.  Having known the perils of food allergies since I was 3 years old, I have collected multiple life-saving techniques and mountains of knowledge.  Here you can read about my current food allergy and immune disorder adventures as well as related tales from the past.   

Allergies often result in an allergist prescribing a treatment of avoidance (along with a protocol to react to anaphylaxis).  Sounds easy, right?  All we have to do to stay healthy is not eat the things that can kill us and carry a stockpile of antihistamines and EpiPens everywhere we go.  In theory, avoiding allergens is relatively easy.  In reality, this attempt to avoid things we cannot see is problematic at best.  Sometimes, it becomes entirely terrifying.

On this site, you will also find peer reviewed information on food allergies, current research, reviews of restaurants that are anaphylaxis-friendly, tips for navigating meals, and updates on my food allergy travel adventures.  I will share my experience and research with you so you can avoid the extensive trial and error approach I have endured dealing with severe food allergies for 35 years. 

Anaphylactic food allergies are life-threatening, but food sensitivities and intolerances unfortunately also attempt to ruin my day.  Information on navigating various food intolerances and sensitivities is also included.



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